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KD Counseling Services seeks to help individuals and couples through the difficulties of life in order to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives. We are currently accepting new clients in Oneonta, AL as well as virtual clients residing in Mississippi. 

Do you feel lost?  Out of sorts? Not quite like yourself? Maybe you and your spouse are simply not connecting anymore. Is anxiety or depression becoming overwhelming? Are you having trouble with thoughts spiraling out of control? We can help! We specialize in, but are not limited to seeing older adolescences, adults, and couples who may be experiencing any of the following: 

Anxiety                                Grief/Loss

Depression                          Major Life Changes

Stress Management             Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling         Spiritual Matters

Ultimately, counseling is a process and I’m so glad that you have taken the first step in looking for assistance with whatever is troubling you. Please know that I would be honored to join you during whatever struggle you may be going through at this time. 


Individual Counseling

Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind

Marriage Counseling

Build Healthy Communication Skills or Work to Rebuild Trust

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